Our commission was to redecorate the entire interior of this Grade 2 listed property to a very high standard within a 10-day timeframe, while the family was on holiday.

The property contained numerous antiques, paintings and ornaments, all of which had to be removed to carry out the work. A particular requirement was that each item had to be relocated in the exact same position. Prior to starting work, we photographed each item in its place so it could be re-positioned precisely. All these valuable items were carefully bubble-wrapped and placed in a storage container. Furniture was covered with plastic sheeting, taped and positioned in the centre of each room.

All surfaces required days of preparation to achieve the quality of finish required. Ceilings and cornicing received two coats of high-quality vinyl matt emulsion, while the walls throughout were painted in Shallow 3, a very soft light blue/grey from the Little Green range. Woodwork was painted white in oil-based eggshell, chosen over acrylic for its durability.

As the decorating neared completion, all antiques, paintings and ornaments were carefully returned to their original positions. On completion the property received a full builder ‘clean and sparkle’.

Our clients returned to find their home’s décor transformed, exactly as specified, with no other evidence that our team had been there.