We had for some time been planning a wrap-around ground floor extension and the entire  refurbishment of two bathrooms. We had spoken to a number of architects/builders, but were particularly impressed with Hyssop Project (Justin and Sheahan) when we met them at the Grand Designs show.

It was clear when discussing the project that Sheahan and Justin understood what we required and we were therefore happy to employ them, and have not regretted that decision.

Justin worked closely with us with regards to the design of the project and helped bring our ideas to life.

Sheahan then took over the build and we are now overjoyed with the end result.

We had heard all the usual horror stories about build projects and whilst we were happy with Sheahan and Justin it remained to be seen what the sub-contractors would be like. Sheahan had assured us that all his sub-contractors were people that he regularly employed and that they could be trusted. He was good for his word, and they all produced a fantastic standard of work whilst respecting our house (which we continued to live in throughout the project).

At the end of the project, the few snags that we had were all completed by Sheahan with absolutely no disagreement.

All in all we could not fault Hyssop Project, and indeed, used them again for some significant garden landscaping after the building work had finished. We had not originally intended to do this, but we had more than enough trust in Hyssop Project by this stage that we saw no reason to look elsewhere.


We found Hyssop Project to be a very professional and reliable company in the refurbishment of our property in Greenwich.

CREATING A SHOWER ROOM: Thinking outside the box

After almost a year of listening to unaffordable quotes and ridiculous timelines, my partner and I were nearly ready to give up on our architectural plans. Thankfully before we did, we found Sheahan Thorne of Hyssop Project.

In the week leading up to Christmas, Sheahan came to our house, ran through the plans with us and did everything he could to make himself available.

The project was intricate, and required imagination, creativity and “thinking outside the box” as we had a very tight budget. Sheahan was able to show us the options available, and different ways in which we could create our dream home without going outside the budget.

At the start of the project, my partner and I were on holiday, but with Sheahan as Project Manager, we felt absolutely comfortable leaving him to do the work.

We returned to a transformed house. Sheahan had followed our requests to the last note, and our dreams were entirely realised. The craftsmanship was so good, we asked Sheahan and his team to finish a number of additional, smaller projects. These involved electrics, plumbing, carpentry and tiling as well as building work. Sheahan personally managed our architects, the Council and building control.

I cannot recommend Sheahan’s team enough. I found them all professional, polite, trustworthy, hard working, and most importantly, incredible craftsmen.

We look forward to using Hyssop Project for our next build.

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VARIOUS PROJECTS: a better on-site building experience

The Hyssop Project people have the foresight, aptitude and commitment to working hard that delivers a better on-site building experience, whilst also appreciating the client’s needs and aspirations throughout the construction process.

BATHROOMS REMODELLED: timely work to an extremely high standard

I need two bathrooms altered quite significantly because of the illness of my husband and the work had to be completed within a short holiday period. Hyssop Project was recommended to me by an architect.

Their work was done on time and to an extremely high standard. Neighbours commented that the workmen were all polite, helpful, tidy and efficient. When I returned home I found my flat clean and tidy, the bathrooms done as per specification, and no problems to resolve. I consider the cost to be fair and reasonable.

Until recently I managed a number of properties for a landlord. I’m well aware of how one can be misled by builders. But I am happy to recommend Hyssop Project.

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VARIOUS PROJECTS: flexible and constructive

My firm has worked with Hyssop Project on many occasions. We are very happy to continue the relationship because we find them helpful, diligent and very co-operative. It is always a pleasure to work with firms that provide the sort of flexibility and constructive assistance that all architects wish to have. Hyssop Project is one of those firms.