This apartment in a highly desirable West London location was in need of modernisation. Our client, for whom we have upgraded other rental properties, wanted to maximise its marketability for a limited budget. The works included full re-wiring and partial replacement of some features and redecoration, carefully managed to minimise additional expense. 

Situated in an Art Deco building, the apartment required a complete re-wire. We used the existing conduit, rather than chase walls, to obviate the need to plaster and make good. 

After stripping out the old bathroom, we installed a wet floor shower in the bath space, fitting 600x600mm porcelain tiles for the walls (matt white) and 600x600mm floors (deep grey).

The kitchen was partly upgraded. We removed the existing wall tiles and replaced them with the same deep grey tiles. New handle-free Dove Grey doors were fitted to the existing cabinets.

All other flooring was removed and replaced with Amitico luxury vinyl in a Weather Oak finish above a sound-resistant membrane.

In the bathroom:

  • Hudson Reed brassware (guaranteed for 20 years) was used for the shower thermostat, shower head and wall-mounted basin tap 
  • the wall-mounted toilet was also Hudson Reed with a Geberit toilet frame
  • the washbasin was by Duravit, from its Happy D range

In the kitchen: 

  • a new worktop with a 20mm pearl-white quartz finish and an under-sink and new tap
  • we managed to incorporate a new dishwasher in the space without removing cabinets

In the living room, we installed a curved Samsun TV mount on the main wall.